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Prakash Detroja is an Internationally Certified New Code NLP Practitioner & Certified Brain Science Trainer. He is working as a life coach independently since 2017. He has an experience of 8 years in the space of preparing and improvement. He is performing various tasks with full of enthusiasm. He has laid out his mastery in fundamental abilities. He encourages & counsels clients on a basis of personal & professional issue. He gives some legitimate and human mental module to make life more straightforward. He manages individuals who are confronting dissatisfaction, melancholy, dread, fear, low confidence and so forth. He is a great influencer, creating a massive impact on the lives of people in just a few moments of the meeting. His center way of thinking of life is “walk what you talk”.
He is speaker in Teacher’s Tune initiated by Indian Institute of Teacher’s Education (IITE). He provides his counselling services on “MYNDRO”. His main mission is to change humankind by tapping their actual potential.



Various clients report is instructing that Personal Counselling emphatically influenced their professions as well as their lives. It empowers individuals and encourage to take responsibility.


Coaching gives the individual an opportunity to define their career goals in a realistic way. It expands the degree of commitment in study, profound consciousness of vocation, and genuine importance of life.


Out of all relationships, the relationship between couple is considered very important. Through Counselling Couple can learn how to be close, work on their correspondence, and extend their pleasure.


Mentors work with clients in practically any area of life. These areas incorporate self-awareness and development in relationship, business advancement, professional objectives and surprisingly your wellbeing.


We give a mindful, steady and non-critical climate to help you find a way through any hardships you might be facing in your relationship. You and your partner are able to explore the bigger picture of your relationship. you will be given some tools to make thoughtful and intentional decisions about your relationship.

As we realize that our emotional wellness is a higher priority than actual wellbeing. We utilize different psychotherapy strategies and methods to help individuals. This procedure assist an individual with overseeing uneasiness, gloom, disappointment, dread, and other emotional well-being conditions.

The real fact of Every family problem is that the family is comprised of various people with various views, however it may be simple if the correct way is followed. There are different ways to solve it but seeking family treatment and guidance is incredibly suggested.

We expertly prepared you with expanding your maximum capacity and get your ideal results. We will push you to recognize your objectives and hold you responsible. Individual counselling can help one deal with many personal topics which you can not address publicly

Our motive is to be a bridge between employer & employee & make them aware of their capabilities, development area, future vision of company & what can they create with WIN-WIN situation.

The most important decision of life is career selection. Our responsibility towards understudies to convey logical, accurate and brilliant outcome for better profession arranging and comprehend their characters, interests and aptitude levels for making progress.


Make a healthy lifestyle

The idea of life balance is different for everybody, except it frequently alludes to a cheerful, serene, and agreeable connection between your physical and mental being, as well as the significant everyday issues.

Uplifted mindfulness

Mindfulness requires serious areas of strength for introspection and reflection. As a matter of fact, one investigation discovered that 67.6% of training clients experience a more elevated level of mindfulness.

Achieve goals

We all have dreams in life but a significant advantage of life coaching is having the option to characterize your life objectives and make a substantial, possible intend to accomplish them.

Find the best version of yourself

A significant number of us invest an excess of energy contrasting ourselves with others but Finding the best version of yourself is one of the inestimable advantages of life training.


Based on 61 reviews.
Vyom Bhatt
Vyom Bhatt
7. June, 2022.
The work he do and things he said were really very effective in my life, it was really informative and motivational, it completely changed my way of looking at situations in my life.
Annapurna Vishalkumar
Annapurna Vishalkumar
26. December, 2021.
Thank you sir , today’s your session is really very inspirational. I learnt so many things in your PPT image. We will request to IITE Setup one more session. Thank you so much sir again.
25. December, 2021.
Thank You So Much Prakash Sir For The Amazing NLP Skill. NLP changed my life totally.. From The Joining of Skill I feel lot’s of positive changes in my life.After joining the NLP every morning when the day starts I feel a bunch of positivity and motivation. Really It is a skill which makes me more creative, more thoughtfull and also makes me a positive thinker.
Urvashi Vadhel
Urvashi Vadhel
24. December, 2021.
Thank You So Much Prakash Sir For The Amazing NLP Skill. NLP changed my life totally.. From The Joining of Skill I feel changes in my life and myself.Whenever the day starts I get positive vibes everyday due ti joining of NLP.NLP is that skill that is very important for everyone to change their life and Get the new energy From the NLP that helps us to be creative.
Priyanshi Patel
Priyanshi Patel
17. December, 2021.
The sessions of NLP are very fruitful for the people of any age and any profession. It changes our perspective towards our life. It helps in setting the priority order in our life and helps to stay directed towards our goal and responsibilities. It also provides the methods to control our thoughts and also to direct our thoughts in a particular direction or for achieving something good in life. It attaches us to the energy, frequency and vibrations of the Universe. My observation skills, thinking pattern and the methods to approach the challenges are changed to good extent after attending the NLP class.I am very thankful to God for giving me such opportunity to attend such a wonderful sessions and also to Prakash Detroja Sir for providing such a valuable and helpful knowledge to us. Thank you so much Prakash Sir.
17. December, 2021.
I am Feeling very Glad for giving Response or Feedback on This..NLP gives new way to our life and this is possible when someone is leading you for this. Prakash Sir is very amazing 😇 because they have Very Very Important Tips About The NLP..that always help me to grow up in my way. Thank You Sir For Giving or Showing the New way to live the life.
17. December, 2021.
I felt positivity in myself and I get to know myself much better … Now I had a different way of analysing situations also had clarity in decision making and about priorities .. After attending the sessions one can feel the changes in themselves which are indescribable in words Thank you prakash sir it helps a lot.
Vrushabh Magare
Vrushabh Magare
17. December, 2021.
When I didn’t attend any session of NLP, I was thinking negative in every thing and I was mentally very weak but after attending NLP session it changes my whole brain, I learned that how to live in life, my request to every person and specially student must attend the NLP. IT is very important to every student

DISCOVER THE SECRET OF HAPPY LIFE To carry on with a happy life, you need to deal with yourself first.

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